14 verify actual resource use in source documents

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Unformatted text preview: n stage, including the following: file conversion, including any reconciliations and sampling of results training, including schedules and distribution of materials distribution of user and operations manuals redeployment of staff updated budget and reasons for any changes updated schedule and reasons for any changes updated cost/benefit analysis recommendation to continue or discontinue the project IM.14 Verify actual resource use in source documents. IM.15 Verify that the updated budget and schedule are in keeping with the updated cost/benefit analysis. IM.16 Verify the updated cost/benefit analysis against the cost/benefit analysis from the previous stage and source documents. IM.17 Determine that the updated cost/benefit analysis has taken into consideration the human resource impact requirements. IM.18 Verify the accuracy and completeness of the Implementation Stage Status document and agreement with it has been acknowledged by the appropriate level of users and by Data Processing management. IM.19 Ensure that key data controls are effective check that effective procedures are in place to ensure that no data are lost or erroneously changed during conversion to the newly designed system (e.g. the conversion date may be mistaken as the transaction date in the new system) IM.20 To ensure that key system controls are effective ensure that the system acceptance is performed by quality assurance personnel by evaluating both manual and automated procedures, system acceptance was performed using data similar to, but independent of program testing data. the quality assurance group certifies in writing that the system performs in accordance with the functional and performance specifications. the “go/no go” decision is made by the user based on the quality assurance group’s certification and user satisfaction. IM.21 Ensure that when the system is ready for initial operation its implementation is coordinated with all personnel involved and with the representatives of other sys...
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