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19 does the project have a feedback channel by which

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Unformatted text preview: , and does the project have that person’s active support? 16. ____ Does the project manager’s workload allow him or her to devote an adequate amount of time to the project? 17. ____ Does the project have well-defined, detailed milestones ("binary milestones") that are considered to be either 100 percent done or 100 percent not done? 18. ____ Can a project stakeholder easily find out which of these binary milestones have been completed? 19. ____ Does the project have a feedback channel by which project members can anonymously report problems to their own managers and upper managers? 20. ____ Does the project have a written plan for controlling changes to the software’s specification? 21. ____ Does the project have a Change Control Board that has final authority to accept or reject proposed changes? 22. ____ Are planning materials and status information for the project—including effort and schedule estimates, task assignments, and progress compared to the plan thus far—available to every team member? 23. ____ Is all source code placed under automated revision control? 24. ____ Does the project environment include the basic tools needed to complete the project, including defect tracking software, source code control, and project management software? Risk Management 25. ____ Does the project plan articulate a list of current risks to the project? Has the list been updated recently? 26. ____ Does the project have a project risk officer who is responsible for identifying emerging risks to the project? 27. ____ If the project uses subcontractors, does it have a plan for managing each subcontract organization and a single person in charge of each one? (Give the project full score if it doesn’t use subcontractors.) Personnel 28. ____ Does the project team have all the technical expertise needed to complete the project? 29. ____ Does the project team have expertise with the business environment in which the software will operate? 30. ____ Does the project have a technical leader capable of leading the project succe...
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