22 check whether the feasibility study identifies the

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Unformatted text preview: eved to date, compared to planned, with reasons for variance plan for the next stage including reference to the following: analyzing and specifying the user's detailed requirements establishing change control processes updating the cost/benefit analysis obtaining management approval updated budget and reasons for any changes updated schedule and reasons for any changes recommendation to continue or discontinue the project FS.22 Check whether the Feasibility Study identifies the need for a System Processing Controls Specifications or similar document? FS.23 Determine that a statement of the level of security, privacy and accessibility needed for system's data conforms to the government Acts, and that the statement is included with the documentation to be reviewed by the Steering Committee/Sign off Authorities. III SYSTEM DESIGN STAGE (SD) Work during this phase will translate the proposed conceptual solution, determined during the feasibility study, into a workable solution ready for detailed design and implementation. This will require: • • • • • The preparation of a system outline, including flowcharts, system performance criteria and the identification, definition and preliminary formatting of all inputs, outputs and files used or produced by the system. (This will require extensive liaison with users.) An overview of the internal control framework and operating procedures to ensure that they meet the objectives of the system being developed (The proposed system should satisfy all user requirements.) The selection of facilities and job specifications for suppliers. An outline of all functional specifications to ensure that the general design meets all system objectives that have been determined. The revised costs, time estimates, and other criteria relating to future phases for management approval. Audit objective: To ensure that the general design of the system expands on the findings of the feasibility study, produces a functional description of manual and EDP processes, and devises an overall syste...
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