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Unformatted text preview: cument been prepared? Verify that it contains the following: documentation of the system's actual achievements comparison of those achievements against the original objectives recommendations for improvements actual resource use, compared to the original plan, with reasons for variance actual milestones achieved, compared to the original plan, with reasons for variance updated cost/benefit analysis PO.3. Verify actual resource use in source documents. PO.4. Verify the updated cost/benefit analysis against source documents. PO.5. Determine that the updated cost/benefit analysis has taken into consideration the human resource impact requirements. PO.6. Confirm that the organization continues to have the necessary resources to manage the Project successfully. PO.7. Have the needs of the business and/or end users changed PO.8. Do documented procedures exist for controlling all documentation? IT Audit Manual Volume III 88 IT Audit Manual PO.9. Have the Project documentation, training material and training program delivered and kept upto date. PO.10. Are copies of all documentation stored off the premises? PO.11. Are the contractual relationships satisfactory? Verify the ownership of the source code if the customized software is outsourced. PO.12. Have all the stakeholders’ issues been addressed? These include: The statutory process Communications External relations Environmental issues Personnel PO.13. Is the department setting realistic targets for continuous improvement year on year from this service? PO.14. Is the department tracking its progress to improved performance and the flow of results through milestones and the business planning cycle? PO.15. Does the organisation have a well defined implemented and effective process for embedding improvement based on the lessons learnt from the Project? PO.16. Change Management: Ensure that: Change control is a formal procedure for both the user and the development groups Change control logs ensure all changes shown were resolved User is satisfied with turnaround of change requests- timeliness and cost Changes were made as documented Current documentation reflects changed environment Change process is being monitored for improvements in acknowledgement, response time, response effectiveness and user satisfaction with the process. Test that for a sample of changes the following have been approved by the management: Request for change Specification of change Access to source program Programmer com...
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