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Unformatted text preview: d such as high speed printers, signatures, forms, communications equipment, telephones, etc., and a source and alternative source defined Training and awareness of individual and group roles in continuity plan Testing schedule, results of last test and corrective actions taken based on prior test(s IT Audit Manual Volume III 38 IT Audit Manual No. 35 36 37 38 39 40 No. Item Itemisation of contracted service providers, services and response expectations Logistical information on location of key resources, including back-up site for recovery operating system, applications, data files, operating manuals and programme/system/user documentation Current names, addresses, telephone/pager numbers of key personnel Reconstruction plans are included for rerecovery at original location of all systems resources Business resumption alternatives for all users for establishing alternative work locations once IT resources are available; i.e., system recovered at alternative site but user building burned to the ground and unavailable KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether regulatory agency requirements with respect to continuity planning are met? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether user continuity plans are developed based on unavailability of physical resources for performing critical processing - manual and computerised? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether the telephone system, VoiceMail, fax and image systems are part of the continuity plan? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether image systems, fax systems, paper documents as well as microfilm and mass storage media are part of the continuity plan? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Ensure system security Whether strategic security plan is in place provi...
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