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Unformatted text preview: quirements 1. ____ Does the project have a clear, unambiguous vision statement or mission statement? 2. ____ Do all team members believe the vision is realistic? 3. ____ Does the project have a business case that details the business benefit and how the benefit will be measured? 4. ____ Does the project have a user interface prototype that realistically and vividly demonstrates the functionality that the actual system will have? 5. ____ Does the project have a detailed, written specification of what the software is supposed to do? 6. ____ Did the project team interview people who will actually use the software (end users) early in the project and continue to involve them throughout the project? 7. ____ Does the project have a detailed, written Software Development Plan? 8. ____ Does the project’s task list include creation of an installation program, conversion of data from previous versions of the system, integration with third-party software, meetings with the customer, and other "minor" tasks? 9. ____ Were the schedule and budget estimates officially updated at the end of the most recently completed phase? 10. ____ Does the project have detailed, written architecture and design documents? 11. ____ Does the project have a detailed, written Quality Assurance Plan that requires design and code reviews in addition to system testing? 12. ____ Does the project have a detailed Staged Delivery Plan for the software, which describes the stages in which the software will be implemented and delivered? 13. ____ Does the project’s plan include time for holidays, vacation days, sick days, and ongoing training, and are resources allocated at less than 100 percent? 14. ____ Was the project plan, including the schedule, approved by the development team, the quality assurance team, and the technical writing team—in other words, the people responsible for doing the work? IT Audit Manual Volume III 91 IT Audit Manual Project Control 15. ____ Has a single key executive who has decision-making authority been made responsible for the project...
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