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All procedures required for the installation of the

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Unformatted text preview: igned and application software coded. User, operations and training manuals will be finalized and should cover, where appropriate: data capture data validation system audit trails and controls verification of analysis report computer operating instructions back-up and re-run procedures security procedures All aspects of the system, including program logic and operational procedures, should be thoroughly tested. All procedures required for the installation of the system should be defined and scheduled. Audit objective: To establish that all appropriate forms, manuals, programs and training materials have been created from the detailed systems specifications and testing has been done according to the plan. IM.1 Check that all manuals and other outputs required have been completed before installation begins. IM.2 Determine that the following have been prepared: conversion tools user manuals conversion manuals training manuals operations manuals program and systems documentation. IM.3 Verify that the user manual has at least the following specifications/ features: Overview of the system and the environment IT Audit Manual Volume III 84 IT Audit Manual Explanation of the all system inputs, programmes, output and integration with other systems Explanation of all data entry screens and data display screens Explanation of any and all error messages and appropriate response Describes the functions sufficiently, Serves as a reference document, Explains how to prepare input data and parameters, Explains how to interpret output results, Provides a full description of the application, Describes how to correct errors, Describes how to recover operations. IM.4 Ensure that an Operators manual has been prepared which includes but is not limited to: System name, program name and sequence of execution Definition of file names, input, procedure and output and media format Console commands and parameters requiring entry by operator Backup, restart, and restore procedures at various points or upon abnor...
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