Conversion and installation procedures should be

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Unformatted text preview: tems that are affected. VI INSTALLATION STAGE (IN) This stage converts the system to operational status. The work includes converting existing files (if any) or creating the initial information base, training all personnel involved with the system (user and EDP), and instituting control and operational procedures through pilot or parallel run phase-in. All documentation from previous phases should be finalized. Conversion and installation procedures should be reviewed and tested. The project manager should issue a formal Project Completion Notice for approval. IT Audit Manual Volume III 86 IT Audit Manual Audit objective: To ensure that the system and any file conversions properly move from the development status to the operational and maintenance status. IN.1. Whether there is a formal SDLC methodology in place for system installation, including but not limited to a phased approach of training, performance sizing, conversion plan, testing of program, group of programmes and total system, a parallel test plan, acceptance testing, security testing, operational testing, change controls, implementation and post implementation review and modification. IN.2. Whether the accuracy, completeness, and authenticity of the files created by conversion are ensured through the use of appropriate control techniques. IN.3. Review the conversion plan before it is executed, referring to the List of Minimum System Processing Controls. IN.4. Verify that control techniques are being included in the conversion process to satisfy all control concerns. This is an extremely critical process. No doubt about the integrity of the data in the new files should be tolerated. Control techniques such as one-to-one checks, may have to be used. IN.5. Verify that the conversion was carried out according to plan. IN.6. Verify that training was carried out according to the schedule prepared in the Implementation stage and that any variations have been agreed to by user management. IN.7. Have installations been carried out according to the schedule prepared in the implementation Stage and have any v...
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