Data privacy does the government have a data privacy

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Unformatted text preview: he services provided through e-governance system? • KD reference Are there adequate links provided to other official websites through the e-governance system? QUALITY OF SERVICE • Has there been an improvement in the quality of service provided by the Government to its citizens? • Has there been an improvement in the time taken to provide services to the citizens after the introduction of e-governance system? • Has the public perception about the services provided by the Government improved after implementation of e-governance system? • Have the number of public grievances/complaints about lack of proper services by the Government been reduced? DATA PRIVACY • Does the Government have a data privacy policy consistent with the legislative requirements? • Is there a proper policy regarding record retention and disposal? IT Audit Manual Volume III 102 IT Audit Manual Audit Programme 6 : Analysing VLC data for audit Government Accounts form one of the most useful source of audit planning and execution. Government accounts unlike commercial accounting is not based on double entry system of booking. It uses single entry system and is a cash based system. The manual system of accounts had many limitations including non availability of data for quick analysis (eg: DDOwise expenditure figures were difficult to generate in manual system). Voucher Level Computerisation (VLC) transformed the entire system of accounting and audit is one of the greatest beneficiary. Today audit can extract and analyse very useful accounting data quickly over the computers and use it in audit planning and execution. The following checklist lists out some of the dimensions of use of VLC data in audit. Audit offices can innovate and find many other ways of making use of this wealth of information. I Treasury Accounts Modules 1. Validate Major Heads/Minor Heads/Detailed Heads against master data tables relating to classification of accounts. 2. Validate Treasuries and Treasury codes against master data tables 3. Valid...
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