Data mining and analysis b separation of duties

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Unformatted text preview: ls and techniques should be considered fora. Data mining and analysis. b. Separation of duties analysis/authorisation analysis. c. Workflow/report delivery. d. Upgrades control. 1.11 An audit of an ERP thus examines area of process integrity, application security, infrastructure integrity and implementation integrity. Planning ERP Audit 1.12 Remember that first IT Audits of an ERP system would be time consuming and would be largely an opportunity to understand the working of the system. However in cases where the audit offices are very familiar with the functioning of the auditee organizations such as in RAO/RAPs it would be comparatively easier to examine transaction processing and outputs. Otherwise at the outset of an IT audit of an ERP system or ERP system implementation project, the auditor should invest sufficient IT Audit Manual Volume III 6 IT Audit Manual time and effort of gathering background knowledge and understanding of the organisation’s existing/planned development and gaining control of the ERP system and related sources. 1.13 The audit of ERP implementation can be carried out any time in the life cycle of the project by examining what has been done till that time and what is planned for the future. Audit of ERP solutions is not just an audit of technology but of the business process as well, hence it is important that a judicious mix of IT and auditing skills is made in an ERP audit team. Though the audit concerns may differ some of the specific concerns are: Failure to meet user requirements; Failure to integrate; Incompatibility with technical infrastructure; Vendor support problems; and Expensive and complex installations. The focus of ERP solutions is to integrate Personnel, Inventory, Finance and Manufacturing functions through information technology. ERP implementations are critical systems and need specific focus of holistic approach and Business Process Reengineering. The Focus is on the processes of Designing and Implementation of Controls in the New System i.e. Business process R...
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