Do the e governance practices comply with legal and

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Unformatted text preview: ided accordingly? REVENUE RELATED ISSUES • How are the project related costs shared by the various departments? • Has there been an increase in the revenue collected by the various agencies/departments due to electronic delivery of services? • Has there been a reduction in the time taken to provide services to the public and a corresponding increase in the revenue generation to the Government? • What is the mode of sharing of the maintenance expenditure by the various agencies/departments? IT Audit Manual Volume III 100 IT Audit Manual OPERATIONAL ISSUES KD reference LEGAL ISSUES • Is there a legal framework supporting egovernance? • Do the e-governance practices comply with legal and statutory requirements? • Is the legal standing transactions/contracts assured? • Was the legal liability and exposure to third party agencies considered? • Is the legal liability defined and made known to all the parties involved in e-governance? of electronic CITIZEN AWARENESS AND PREPAREDNESS • Are e-governance services available to all the parties and categories of citizens expected to be served? • Are citizens and other relevant parties informed about the new delivery methods and the benefits of using them? • Did the Government consider and provide easily accessible internet facility to the target groups? • Are the e-governance services easy to use and is help readily available? • Are customer surveys done periodically to assess the impact and usage of e-services and the need for improvement? • Is an awareness campaign carried out to educate and train the citizens and other target groups in electronic communication? • What measures are taken by the Government to educate the citizens about the need to participate in decision making process of the Government? IT Audit Manual Volume III 101 IT Audit Manual OPERATIONAL ISSUES • What is the extent of public participation in the new measures initiated by the Government? • Does the Government conduct periodical surveys to gauge the public perception of t...
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