Fs5 determine the organizational capability to manage

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Unformatted text preview: software needs availability. Valid time constraints in the user department's information requirements and the manner of satisfying them. FS.4 Operational feasibility (compliance with information architecture e.g. whether the new project fits into the current mix of hardware, software, and communications). Verify that there is a consensus among user departments and designers concerning the technological aspects of the system's configuration. FS.5 Determine the organizational capability to manage the related technologies and to decide whether the technologies should be developed or bought, operated in-house or out, and maintained in-house or out. FS.6 Has a User Requirements document been prepared and released? Does it include the following expression of need in terms of the organization's mission: A description of the current function. Analysis of the deficiencies of the current function. Resources expended on the current function. Volume of work produced with the current function, including peak processing performance and projected growth. Internal control and security requirements. Justification for improvement and changes. Scope and objectives of proposed system. Alternative solutions to solving the need. Relationships with other systems. Relationships with long-range plans and other information resource management initiatives. FS.7 Has the accuracy and completeness of user requirements been acknowledged by the appropriate level of user, and by Data Processing management. FS.8 Has the User Requirements document been reviewed by the Steering Committee/Sign off Authorities? Have they signified acceptance of the need to continue the project? Note any conditional acceptance for follow-up in later stages. FS.9 Confirm, if possible, with independent sources the reliability and track record of the recommended hardware and software. FS.10 Confirm if there is a plan to address the intellectual Property issues, including the ownership of source code in case of development of customised software being outsourced. IT Audit Manual Volume III 75 IT Audit Manual FS.11 Check whether a Cost/Benefit document has been prepared and released? Are all costs identified as operating or capital? FS.12 Ensure that the analysis of the project costs and benefits was prepared to evaluate the economic feasibility of each alternative; check that the assumptions and constraints in the cost/benefit analysis are reasonable the user and system costs cover all stages of the life...
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