In10 has an installation stage status document been

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Unformatted text preview: ariations been agreed to by the user management? IN.8. Has user acceptance been formally agreed to, as appropriate, according to schedule? For example, if stand-alone processing locations are being installed on an independent basis, each location should sign-off its acceptance of the system. IN.9. Ensure that all vendor provided system software installation passwords were changed at the time of installation. IN.10. Has an installation Stage Status document been prepared and released? Verify that it contains at least the following: actual resources used to date, compared to plan, with reasons for variance. actual milestones achieved to date, with reasons for variance. updated budget and reasons for any changes. updated schedule and reasons for any changes. updated cost/benefit analysis IN.11. Verify actual resource use in source documents. IN.12. Verify that the updated budget and schedule are in keeping with the updated cost/benefit analysis. IT Audit Manual Volume III 87 IT Audit Manual IN.13. Verify the updated cost/benefit analysis against the cost/benefit analysis from the previous stage and from source documents. IN.14. Determine that the updated cost/benefit analysis has taken into consideration the human resource impact requirements. IN.15. Whether the accuracy and completeness of the Installation Stage Status document and agreement with it has been acknowledged by the appropriate level of user and by Data Processing management. VII POST-INSTALLATION STAGE (PO) Work during this stage consists of examining the project performance and system performance against the original project documentation of system cost/benefit and project cost and time schedules. A period of settling in is normally allowed between Installation and Post-Installation audit. The audit team could be changed at this point to maximize objectivity. Thus, project reviews are important after system installation to assess the success of the systems development process and to identify any differences in control design and control operation Audit objective: To establish that the system operates in accordance with the design objectives and other measurement criteria, and project costs/benefits have been achieved. PO.1. Whether a formal post-installation review has been undertaken and the results reported to management. PO.2. Has a Post-Installation report or similar do...
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