It is of prime importance that enough alternative

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Unformatted text preview: el testing etc.). PI.9. Verify that the target dates indicated in the work plan are in keeping with the resource requirements outlined and any constraints involved. II FEASIBILITY STAGE (FS) When this stage is complete an appropriate solution to the problem should have been determined and a preliminary plan for it implementation designed. User Requirements may be documented or established thus providing a basis for identifying the solution. It is of prime importance that enough alternative approaches be examined. A detailed analysis, at the conceptual level, of the various alternatives should support a formal justification for the suggested solution. This analysis should include cost benefit analysis, consideration of financial and operational controls, and organization compatibility. As in the project initiation phase, care must be taken that evaluations are objective and complete and that there is no "built-in" bias towards one particular solution. Resource requirements for the remainder of the project should be identified and time and costs estimated for management approval. Broken into appropriate project phases, these factors will be used to maintain and monitor project development. Documentation of the above should be contained in a Feasibility Study Report. Audit objective: To establish that a feasibility study, including an Overall Project Plan, has been undertaken to determine the most appropriate solution to a stated problem in terms of organizational capability, economic justification, and technical suitability. FS.1 Ensure that steps have been taken by the project team to identify and consult all affected parties? IT Audit Manual Volume III 74 IT Audit Manual FS.2 Ensure that a Technological Feasibility Study been prepared and documented? FS.3 Is the proposed technology feasible, considering the technical sophistication existing or available through the organization? Review the technology feasibility report to see if it has adequately addressed: Hardware needs and availability. System software needs and availability. Communications hardware and...
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