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Unformatted text preview: mitigate the risks, threats and exposures? KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether acceptance of residual risk, takes into account: • organisational policy • risk identification and measurement • uncertainty incorporated in the risk assessment approach itself • cost and effectiveness of implementing safeguards and controls KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether insurance coverage offsets the residual risk? KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether formal quantitative and/or qualitative approaches exist to select control measures that maximize return on investment? KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether there is a balance between the detection, prevention, correction and recovery measures used? KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether formal procedures exist to communicate the purpose of the control measurers? KD Reference: _______________________________ IT Audit Manual Volume III 18 IT Audit Manual No. 101 Item Yes Response No KD Project Management Whether project management framework: • defines scope and boundaries for managing projects • provides for project requests to be reviewed for their consistency with the approved operational plan and projects prioritised according to this plan • defines the project management methodology to be adopted and applied to each project undertaken, including: • project planning • staffing • allocation of responsibilities and authorities • • • • • • • task breakdown budgeting of time and resources milestones checkpoints approvals is complete and current provides for participation by the affected user department (owner/sponsor) management in the definition and authorisation of a development, implementation or modification project • specifies the basis on which staff members are assigned to projects • defines responsibilities and authorities of project team members • • provides for the creation of a clear written statement defining the nature and scope of the project before work on the project begins • provides for an initial project definition document which includes a clear...
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