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Unformatted text preview: d report program changes • maintain creation/date information for production modules • maintain copies of previous versions • control concurrent updates KD Reference: _______________________________ Manage problems and incidents Whether there is a problem management process that ensures all operational events which are not part of standard operations are recorded, analysed and resolved in a timely manner, and incident reports are generated for significant problems? KD Reference: Whether problem management procedures exist for: • defining and implementing a problem management system • recording, analysing, resolving in a timely manner all non-standard events • establishing incident reports for critical events and reporting to users • identifying problem types and prioritisation methodology allowing for varying resolution efforts based on risk IT Audit Manual Volume III 48 IT Audit Manual No. Item Yes Response No KD • 102 103 104 defining logical and physical control of problem management information distributing outputs on a "need to know" basis • tracking of problem trends to maximise resources, reduce turnaround • collecting accurate, current, consistent and usable data inputs to reporting • notifying appropriate level of management for escalation and awareness • determining if management periodically evaluates the problem management process for increased effectiveness and efficiency • sufficiency of audit trail for system problems • integration with change, availability, configuration management systems and personnel KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether emergency processing priorities exist, are documented and require approval by appropriate program and IT management? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether there are emergency and temporary access authorisation procedures which require: • documentation of access on standard forms and maintained on file • approval by appropriate managers • secure communication to the security function • automatic access termination, after a predetermined period of time KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Manage data For dat...
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