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Unformatted text preview: Whether signage exists with respect to not identifying sensitive areas and being consistent with insurance, local building code and regulatory requirements? KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether review occurs of visitor registration, pass assignment, escort person responsible for visitor, log book to ensure both check in and out occurs and receptionist's understanding of security procedures? KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether review of fire, weather, electrical warning and alarm procedures and expected response scenarios for various levels of environmental emergencies is occurring? KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether review occurs of air conditioning, ventilation, humidity control procedures and expected response scenarios for various loss or unanticipated extremes? KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether review exists of security breach alarm process, including: • definition of alarm priority (i.e., wind blowing door open to armed bomber on premises) • response scenarios to each priority alarm • responsibilities of in-house personnel versus local or vendor security personnel • interaction with local authorities • review of most recent alarm drill KD Reference: _______________________________ _ Whether organisation is responsible for physical access within the IT function that includes: • development, maintenance and ongoing review of security polices and procedures IT Audit Manual Volume III 54 IT Audit Manual No. 132 132 133 134 135 136 137 Item Yes Response No KD • establishes relationships with security-oriented vendors • liaisons with facility management on technology issues related to security • coordinates security awareness and training for the organisation • coordinates activities affecting logical access control via centralised application and operating system software • provides security awareness and training not only within the IT function, but for users of services KD Reference: _________...
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