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Unformatted text preview: spects is based on a sound framework? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether Artificial Intelligence systems are placed in an interaction or control framework with human operators to ensure that vital decisions are approved? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether disclosure of sensitive information used during application testing is mitigated by either strong access limitations or depersonalisation of the used historical data? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Acquisition and Maintenance of Technology Infrastructure IT Audit Manual Volume III 30 IT Audit Manual No. Item 134 Whether policies and procedures exist to ensure that: • a formal evaluation plan is prepared to assess new hardware and software for any impact on the overall performance of the system • ability to access system software and thereby interrupt the operational information systems environment is limited • set-up, installation and maintenance of system software does not jeopardise the security of the data and programmes being stored on the system 135 136 137 138 Yes Response No KD • system software parameters are selected in order to ensure the integrity of the data and programmes being stored on the system • system software is installed and maintained in accordance with the acquisition and maintenance framework for the technology infrastructure • system software vendors provide integrity assurance statements with their software and all modifications to their software • the thorough testing (i.e., using a system development life cycle methodology) of system software is occurring before it is introduced into the production environment • vendor provided system software installation passwords are changed at the time of installation and system software changes are controlled in line with the organisation's change management procedure...
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