Legislature b parliament 21 take a sample of the

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Unformatted text preview: venue d. Non-Tax Revenue e. States share of Union Taxes and Duties and Grants-in-Aid from Central Government f. Revenue Expenditure g. Sectoral Expenditure h. Interest Payment i. Loans and Advances given by State Government j. Capital Expenditure k. Revenue deficit l. Fiscal deficit m. Internal Debt n. Other liabilities o. Loans and Advances from Central Government p. Ways and Means Advances 19. Analyse investment of cash balances and verify manually whether these investments are, a. Authorized b. Sound and regular and c. If the market price of the investment is unstable 20. Take a sample and check manually if the Borrowings by the State Government have exceeded the limits fixed by, a. Legislature b. Parliament 21. Take a sample of the Guarantees given by the State Government with regard to Loans and manually check if the conditions attached to the Guarantees are fulfilled. 22. Check if Guarantees are given for Loans raised by Public Bodies or Institutions which exceed the limits fixed by Legislature/Parliament. 23. Take a sample and check manually whether the Public Bodies/Institutions given Guarantees, are maintaining proper books of accounts and are subject to audit by qualified auditors. 24. Take a sample and check manually whether the Loans given by the Government were expended only on the objects for which the Loans were originally raised/borrowed. 25. Verify the Schedule of Repayment of Loans and identify all the cases where repayment is due/delayed. IT Audit Manual Volume III 107 IT Audit Manual VIII Appropriation Accounts Modules 1. Analyse the Grants / Appropriation of various departments 2. Check if the net appropriations less expenditure equal savings 3. Identify the departments which have received highest Grants and compare manually the figures posted in VLC with actual figures in the Budget documents 4. Compare the expenditure figures given in Appropriation Accounts under different Departments with the expenditure shown in monthly accounts balances 5. Identify departments where the variation between the Original an...
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