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Sd15 ensure that the system will operate efficiently

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Unformatted text preview: for system backup/recovery should be documented and related training plans prepared. Procedures for data preparation, transcription, data control, and output distribution should be documented and related training plans prepared. Audit Trail There should be logs to identify and locate the component file records and input/output documents involved in the processing of a given transaction or in the accumulation of a given total. SD.15 Ensure that the system will operate efficiently and effectively check whether: A System Management Controls Specifications Report or similar document has been prepared and released and verify that it addresses at least the following: Efficiency There should be a standard or set of standards to determine system efficiency. There should be a mechanism to compare performance with standards and to report variances. There should be procedures for managers to follow up on variances from standards and for recording action taken. Effectiveness Effectiveness standards for the system's objectives should be established. There should be a mechanism to determine and report situations where systems are no longer able to meet their original objectives. Economy Management should have formal procedures to review projects and their resulting applications system regularly for economy. IV DETAILED DESIGN STAGE (DD) Based on the functional specifications from the System design stage, detailed procedures and computer specifications are produced. All controls, procedures, work flows, input/output documents, processing logic, file/data base layouts, and data elements will be finalized. Management and user approval of this design stage is paramount. Therefore, the final product of this phase, the Detailed Design Report, should contain, in addition to detailed program specifications, IT Audit Manual Volume III 80 IT Audit Manual workflows, etc., a non-technical description of the entire system. This should encompass: • a system description, objectives, inputs, outputs • a system flowchart illustrating the conceptual design Appropriate members of management should rev...
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