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Write in 125 if it has 4 to 6 full timeequivalent

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Unformatted text preview: ssfully? 31. ____ Are there enough people to do all the work required? 32. ____ Does everyone work well together? IT Audit Manual Volume III 92 IT Audit Manual 33. ____ Is each person committed to the project? Total ______ Preliminary score. Add up the points next to each answer. ______ Size multiplier. Write in 1.5 if the project team has 3 or fewer full-time– equivalent people including developers, quality assurance personnel, and firstlevel management. Write in 1.25 if it has 4 to 6 full-time–equivalent people. Otherwise, write in 1.0. ______ Final score. Multiply the preliminary score by the size multiplier. IT Audit Manual Volume III 93 IT Audit Manual Scoring Guidelines The table below explains how to interpret the score. Score Comments 90+ Outstanding A project with this score is virtually guaranteed to succeed in all respects, meeting its schedule, budget, quality, and other targets. Such a project is fully "self-actualized." 80–89 Excellent A project at this level is performing much better than average. Such a project has a high probability of delivering its software close to its schedule, budget, and quality targets. 60–79 Good A score in this range represents a better-than-average level of software development effectiveness. Such a project stands a fighting chance of meeting either its schedule or its budget target, but it probably won’t meet both. 40–59 Fair A project with this score will likely experience high stress and shaky team dynamics, and the software will ultimately be delivered with less functionality than desired at greater cost and with a longer schedule. < 40 At Risk A project with this score has significant weaknesses in the major areas of requirements, planning, project control, risk management, and personnel. The primary concern of a project in this category should be whether it will finish at all. This quick diagnostic material is adapted, with thanks, from the Survival Guide Website at www.construx.com/survivalguide/. This Material is copyright © 1993-1998 Steven C. McConnell. IT Audit Manual Volume III 94 IT Audit Manual 4. AUDITING E - GOVERNANCE Definition 1 E-governance refers to the delivery of Governmental services electronically primarily to its citizens and secondly, other clients within the Government. This is a governance process in which Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays a significant role. Objectives 2 E-governance seeks to tra...
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