Along with a statement of internal and external

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Unformatted text preview: s that would be satisfied by the Project. A clear statement of the project definition. The project initiation document is in consonance with the Policy on the subject; In case, the project is Centrally sponsored or institution-aided, then the conditions of such grants/ aid have been followed; Major risks have been identified such as staff resistance, hardware/software obsolescence, and technological constraints like communication infrastructure etc. along with a statement of internal and external constraints, such as organizational changes required & impact on other systems. PI.4. PI.5. Ensure that the Project Initiation document has been reviewed and approved by the competent authority. Ensure that an appropriate project organization has been outlined in the Project Initiation documentation. Determine by examining the Project Initiation document that: IT Audit Manual Volume III 73 IT Audit Manual Project Team members and representatives and their responsibilities have been named including: Project Director /Manager User Manager/Director Technical Representatives User Functional Representatives Steering Committee/ Sign Off Authority has been established and they have been delegated requisite powers. Evaluate the background and qualifications of project members for their assignment to specific project tasks. PI.6. Ensure that the user department management has appointed personnel from its department to participate in the project. PI.7. Verify that the Project Manager or one of the team members is responsible to ensure the complete and accurate accumulation of project costs. PI.8. Determine from the Project Initiation document that a work plan, including target dates and resource requirements has been prepared. It delineates the manner in which each phase of the development process (the preparation of feasibility study, requirement definition, system design etc) is to be approved prior to proceeding to the next phase of the project (programming, system testing, transaction testing, parall...
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