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Are application logs inbuilt to keep track of the

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Unformatted text preview: IT Audit Manual are there procedures in place to help ensure that all successfully entered transactions are processed fully or followed up to ensure their proper final disposition; does the application include procedures that should ensure transaction are recorded into the proper period, does the application system include automated or manual procedures to identify transaction designed to circumvent automated controls? are application logs inbuilt to keep track of the transactions done? Are there controls designed to ensure that data stored in the application is protected from unauthorised changes or deletion; does the application system have automated or manual features designed to backup all or changed application system data at regular intervals. DD.2 Review system specifications for each application within the system for clarity, completeness, and consistency. DD.3 Review flow charts, decision tables, or narratives to assess the reasonableness of program logic incorporated in applications. DD.4 Check whether the accuracy and completeness of Detailed System Design specifications has been acknowledged by the appropriate level of user and Data Processing management. DD.5 Check that the Detailed System Design document has been reviewed by the Steering Committee/Sign off Authorities? Have they signified acceptance? Note any conditional acceptance for follow-up in later stages. DD.6 Check whether a program and system test plan has been developed and released? Verify that it covers at least the following both for program and system testing, and for volume and operational testing: overview of the software to be tested, including vendor software and conversion software and the work environment it operates in test schedule materials and supplies including equipment, software, storage facilities, documentation, test input, sample output, and special forms training requirements list of user requirements to be tested list of operational requirements to be tested overview of test progression d...
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