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Unformatted text preview: of the end product • an acceptance plan for specific technology is agreed upon with the supplier in the contract and this plan defines the acceptance procedures and criteria the procurement of contract programming services be justified with a written request for services designated member of the IT function KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether risk analysis is performed in line with the overall risk assessment framework? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether mechanisms exist to assign or maintain security attributes to exported and imported data, and to interpret them correctly? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether management has developed and implemented a central procurement approach, describing a common set of procedures and standards to be followed in the procurement of IT hardware, software and services? KD Reference: _______________________________ ______________________________ Whether contracts stipulate that the software, documentation and other deliverables are subject to testing and review prior to acceptance? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ IT Audit Manual Volume III 27 IT Audit Manual No. Item 123 Whether testing included in contract specifications consists of system testing, integration testing, hardware and component testing, procedure testing, load and stress testing, tuning and performance testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing and, finally, pilot testing of the total system to avoid any unexpected system failure? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether facilities acceptance tests are performed to guarantee that the accommodation and environment meet the requirements specified in the contract? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Whether specific technology acceptance tests should include inspection, functionality tests and workload trials? KD Reference: _______________________________ ___________________________________________ Acquisition and Maintenance of Application Software Whether policies and procedures ensure that: • the organisation's system development life cycle methodology applies to both the development of new systems and major changes to existing systems, a...
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