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Unformatted text preview: pletion of change Request to move change into test environment Completion of acceptance testing Request for move into production Overall and specific security impact has been determined and accepted Distribution process has been developed Test the review of change control documentation for inclusion of Date of requested change Person(s) requesting Approval for change request Approval for change made-IT function Approval of change made-users IT Audit Manual Volume III 89 IT Audit Manual Documentation update date Move date into production Quality assurance sign off of change Acceptance by operation Ensure that Code check in and checkout procedures for change exist Change control logs ensure that all changes on log were resolved to user satisfaction. Users are aware and understand need for formal change control procedures Staff enforcement process ensures compliance to change control procedures Documentation determines request or system change has been approved and prioritised by the management of the affected users and the service provider. PO. 17. Do preventive maintenance schedules have any negative impact on critical or sensitive applications and is scheduled maintenance being scheduled for peak workload periods. Literatures that have been consulted include COBIT (Control Objectives for Information & related Techniques) guidelines & Publications of Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. IT Audit Manual Volume III 90 IT Audit Manual Appendix Here is a Quick Diagnostic Test for any organization which is developing an Information Technology System. THE QUICK DIAGNOSTIC Give the project 3 points for each "yes" answer. Give the project partial credit if you feel that is most accurate—for example, give it 2 points for "probably" and 1 point for "kind of, but not really." If the project is in the early stages, answer the questions based on the project plans. If the project is well underway, answer the questions based on what has actually happened on the project. The section following the test explains how to interpret the score. Re...
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