Implementers concerning system costs benefits and

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Unformatted text preview: cycle the estimated costs for each alternative include hardware and software enhancements needed to support that alternative estimated costs for each alternative includes cost of security and internal controls, data preparation and entry, file conversion, testing, parallel operations, acceptance, and related costs the basis of estimation and computation of costs is reasonable there is a consensus among end users, designers, and implementers concerning system costs, benefits, and contractual agreements FS.13 Ensure that the analysis of the project costs and benefits takes into consideration the impact on human resources. Verify that estimated costs for each alternative includes: training, redeployment of staff, ergonomic issues. FS.14 Check whether the accuracy and completeness of the cost/benefit analysis and acceptance of the recommended alternative has been acknowledged by the appropriate level of user and by Data Processing management. FS.15 Has the Cost/Benefit document been reviewed by the Steering Committee/Sign off Authorities? Have they signified acceptance of the recommended alternative and the need to continue the project? Note any conditional acceptance for follow-up in later stages. FS.16 Check whether the users of an appropriate level and Data Processing management have acknowledged that the analysis of processing alternatives is accurate and complete and agrees with the recommendations. FS.17 Check whether steps been taken by the project team to identify and consult all affected parties? FS.18 Does the Project documentation show that the skills of the staff employed on the project meet the requirements specified in the Personnel Skills Summary? FS.19 Has a Steering Committee Meeting Schedule document been prepared and released to all interested parties, including EDP and user management? FS.20 Review the minutes of the Committee meetings and note the following: that EDP and user management were represented at each meeting, and that meetings were held regularly. IT Audit Manual Volume III 76 IT Audit Manual FS.21 Has a Feasibility Stage Status document been prepared and released? Verify that it contains at least the following: actual resources used to date, compared to planned, with reasons for variance actual milestones achi...
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