Taken relating what is the extent of involvement

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Unformatted text preview: 96 IT Audit Manual OPERATIONAL ISSUES KD reference Detailed plans • Has the strategy been translated into business needs and the necessary detailed plans? • Have the business processes to be digitised been clearly identified? • Are the objectives of e-governance articulated clearly? • Was a re-engineering of business processes done? • Are priorities determined and targets specified? • Are there clearly measurable deliverables? • Have the risks been identified, planned for and managed? ORGANISATIONAL ISSUES • Were appropriate decisions organisational issues? taken relating • What is the extent of involvement management/political leadership? of to top • Is there a unified direction for e-governance? • What is the extent of centralisation? • What are the interface requirements between the various governmental agencies/departments? • Is a proper project management structure in place for egovernance? • Are there clear job descriptions for the personnel and is accountability fixed on individuals for the success of the project? • Are the systems interoperable? IT Audit Manual Volume III 97 IT Audit Manual OPERATIONAL ISSUES KD reference • Is the project scaleable? FUNDING • Was a cost-benefit analysis done? • Was the return on investment measured and monitored? • Are funding levels consistent with the objectives of e-governance? • Is funding prioritised for projects on the basis of quantifiable performance improvement in services? • Is funding adequate for various stages of the egovernance projects? IMPLEMENTATION, MANAGEMENT AND COORDINATION • What is the extent of coordination between the different Government agencies/departments and is the system managed effectively. • Is there centralised procurement? • Is there a common decision relating to software licensing? • In case of outsourcing, what is the extent of coordination between different agencies/departments? • What is the revenue sharing arrangement between the different agencies/departments involved in providing e-governance services? TECHNOLOGY RELATED ISSUES ...
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