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12. UN Policies Sustainability

Example haian deforestaon energy key issues focus

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Unformatted text preview: have no access to clean drinking water •  Around 2.4 billion people do not have adequate [email protected] Water and [email protected] Key Issues: •  Prevent water [email protected] to reduce health hazards •  Protect ecosystems •  Introduce technologies for affordable [email protected], industrial and [email protected] water treatment •  Water related diseases: –  Cholera –  Dengue and Hemorrhagic Fever –  Diarrhea –  [email protected]@s –  Lead poisoning –  Malaria 3 11/13/12 Energy •  Some 2 billion people lack access to electricity ad rely on [email protected] fuel sources such as firewood, kerosene, or biomass for their cooking and [email protected] •  Example: [email protected] [email protected] Energy Key Issues: •  Focus on access to energy in rural areas •  Energy [email protected] and energy efficiency – –  building design and management, –  beEer mass [email protected], –  advanced and [email protected] cleaner technologies for food produc2on Agriculture •  Agriculture is central to sustainable development •  About 70% of the poor in developing countries live in rural areas and depend in one way or another on agriculture f...
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