12. UN Policies Sustainability

Development of oceans marine environmental protecon 2

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Unformatted text preview:   Sound management of chemicals throughout their life cycle, and of hazardous wastes Protec@ng the Natural Resource Base of Economic & Social Development •  Prevent water pollu@on to reduce health hazards and protect ecosystems •  Watershed and groundwater management •  Support desalina@on of seawater, water recycling •  Ensure the sustainable development of oceans, marine environmental protec@on 2 11/13/12 Taking Ac@on: WEHAB Priority areas for ac@on, iden@fied by UN Secretary- General Kofi Annan: •  Water and sanita@on •  Energy •  Health •  Agriculture •  Biodiversity protec@on and ecosystem management Water and Sanita@on •  Water is not only the most basic of needs, but is also at the center of sustainable development •  Around 1.2 billion people s@ll...
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