12. UN Policies Sustainability

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Unformatted text preview: or their survival 4 11/13/12 Agriculture Key Issues: –  Address serious soil [email protected] problems –  Soil [email protected] –  Diversifi[email protected] of crops –  Increase water- use [email protected] Soil [email protected] •  If soil becomes too saline, crop [email protected] fails •  All [email protected] waters contain dissolved salts of varying [email protected] •  Natural sources –  Rainfall –  Rock weathering –  Ocean water deposits –  Wind carrying soils and salts –  Tsunamis Salinity •  Unnatural sources: –  [email protected] brings water table closer to surface and prevents [email protected] –  Use of salts to prevent icing roads –  Salts for “hard water” –  Foods containing salts going into garbage disposals and down drains 5...
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