BIO 203 Lecture 16

BIO 203 Lecture 16 - BIO 203 Lecture 16 March 20th, 2007...

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BIO 203 Lecture 16 March 20 th , 2007 Immune System Acquired immunity – exposure to pathogens gives immunity later on Innate(nonspecific) Immunity – given at birth o External – Skin, mucous membranes, secretions o Internal – phagocytic cells, antimicrobial proteins, inflammatory response, natural killer cells Bacteria enters body, past skin and first defense, first defense in body is phagocytic cells(neutrophils, macrophages, eosinophils, dendritic cells), neutralize pathogen by endocytosis, encapsulates it and destroys it, receptor mediated, phagocyte has to recognize some molecule or structure on surface of pathogen for it to start endocytosis Hydrolytic enzymes and nitric oxide to digest and breakdown the pathogen and release the end products into the cell or exocytosed Antimicrobial proteins – complement proteins, Mac attack, 5 subunits of complement proteins are activated and form a pore in the membrane of pathogen, which allows cell to equilibrate with fluid and lyse, which kills the cell Complement proteins make opsomins (Greek – prepare for eating), any chemical mediator that bind to a microbe so as to promote phagocytosis, binds to the pathogen and has a part of the opsomin which is recognizable to the phagocyte C3b – protein – an opsomin – binds to pathogen on one site, and on the other site binds to the phagocyte – makes bacteria or pathogen recognizable to the phagocyte Antibodies = opsomins Interferon – associated with innate defenses, destruction of viral invasions, is a
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BIO 203 Lecture 16 - BIO 203 Lecture 16 March 20th, 2007...

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