5gofnaclinenoughwatertomake125mlof solution

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Unformatted text preview: NaCl b. What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 2.5 g of NaCl in enough water to make 125 ml of solution? moles of solute molarity = liter of solution 2.5 g NaCl x 1 mole NaCl 58.5 g NaCl = 0.0427 mole molarity = 0.0427 mole NaCl 0.125 L = 0.34 M NaCl c. How would you prepare 400.0 ml of 1.20 M solution of sodium chloride? 1.20 moles NaCl 1.20 M NaCl = 1.00 L solution 1.20 moles NaCl 0.400 L solution x 1.00 L solution = 0.480 moles NaCl C103/F2009 Worksheet 10 Due in discussion 11/11 or 11/...
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