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Building Blocks

Building Blocks - from everyone Growing up in a horse...

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Building Blocks Throughout life everyone has thousands of experiences. Often, we do not even realize that our surroundings are affecting us and molding us into who we are. College is often though of as, one of the greatest experiences. I believe that this is because of such a diverse environment. A college atmosphere exists because of thousands of different cultures and upbringings. One of my favorite things is meeting everyone in my classes. Although I have lived in many different places, new people can always shine a light on to something you know very little about. I believe that I can learn something
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Unformatted text preview: from everyone. Growing up in a horse training environment, many trainers have different methods to get to the same end product. I believe that this philosophy applies to all aspects of life. Everyone you meet can teach you something, even if you do not believe the same things as them or have any of the same view points. One little change or experience can affect the rest of a person’s life. Experiences are building blocks, and the building blocks create a beautiful structure called life....
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