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Case book readings Interstate Commerce Gibbons v. Ogden Steam Boat Case Franklin Pierce 1853 Got Kansas Nebraska Act passed in 1854. The reaction was very negative and he was out of office. President uses power of offices to get the power he wishes Exercise of power and influence of the presidency, must be justified Shatter order and then affirm Order creating institution, prompts president to construct new arrangements and initiatives. Getting these three to work together is a problem. FDR & Lyndon B Johnson – Both skilled politicians. Johnson did a lot and had a lot of power; FDR came to power at the right time. He called it the New Deal. He was great at affirming the old order and challenging the old order with new policies. LBJ brought rural electrification to rural areas. Carroll wrote a book about it. It was part
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Unformatted text preview: of the New Deal. LBJ is a product of new deal, wants to re affirm the new deal. Came into the office with the same skills as FDR, but Americans were not as prepared to handle them time. FDR fought a war on poverty. Tyler – all of his cabinet quit Johnson & Nixon – Impeached Structure of Power Patrician – 1798 - 1832 When the president dominated Resources & Reputation Strategy- be above politics Partisan – 1832 - 1900 Leader of party (no secret ballots) Hand out jobs Pluralist – 1900-1972 Growth of Executive branch, # of interest groups, & became a world power Bargain with institutional and group leaders. Plebiscitary – 1972 – present Independent of political parties (Rowe for Bush) Appeal directly to people using mass media...
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