Chem Prelab #2

Chem Prelab #2 - Madeline Williams Chem 101-582 Exp 2...

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Madeline Williams Chem. 101-582 9/17/2006 Exp# 2: Prelab Abstract: o Construct a titration curve and compare results between the o Take different samples and add NaOH to them and raise the pH. Observe the color changes associated with the first added material. o Comparable results between the potentiometric determination of the concentration of an unknown weak acid and a strong acid with a secondary standard solution of NaOH. Equations : pK a = pH pK a = -logKa Reagents: Calculator Burette system 50mL Beaker Phenolphthalein indicator pH probe Burette 2 250mL Beaker Pipette DI Water Solutions from instructor Burette Clamp Stir bar Ring Stand HCl – Hydrogen Chloride NaOH – Sodium Hydroxide KHP – Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate CH 3 COOH – Acetic Acid H 3 PO 4 – Phosphoric Acid Procedure: A- Fill Burette system with NAOH solution, add ~0.2g to 50mL beaker and add 8-10mL deionized water. Add a drop or two of phenolphthalein indicator. Record volume, add NaOH slowly until pink color. Record end volume. Get the rest of the classes results.
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Chem Prelab #2 - Madeline Williams Chem 101-582 Exp 2...

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