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ENTO322-Movie Review

ENTO322-Movie Review - to investigate Their small plane...

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Maddi Williams 316002631 ENTO 322 Movie Review Title: Arachnid Date of Release: 2001 Class: Arachnid Order: Araneae I found that the morphology was portrayed incorrectly for the most part. Since the spiders wee alien mutants they were very large, and especially mean. Although, it did a good job demonstrating how the weave their webs and the wrap their prey up. It also had an extreme spider mutant in the movie, that almost appeared to looking like a centipede, but it was still a type of spider. A man shows up in a small clinic in Guam. He has mysterious bites on him. These bites spark a search for their cause. A small group of people fly to the island he lived on
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Unformatted text preview: to investigate. Their small plane crashes and they are trapped on the island. They find the man's village empty and that strange new breeds of killer arachnids have appeared all about the forest. The arachnids are searching for the perfect food source, to multiply from. I thought the movie was terrible. It was one of the most boring and over done movies I have seen in a while. I would not recommend it to a friend. It had the intentions of being a scary movie, but I could not stop laughing it was so fake....
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