History 106 1

History 106 1 - Ch 16-22 14 th Amendment – All citizens...

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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 16-22 14 th Amendment – All citizens have these certain rights and no state can touch those. Once it is passed it was not touched by the Supreme Court for about 50 years. Never used to protect citizens, but to protect corporations. 1873-1896 the Supreme Court actively allows the amendment to be chipped away. Laws were passed that were unconstitutional. 1896 Plessey vs. Ferguson – separate vs. equal; you can go against civil rights of the sates if you deem it necessary. The rights are not original, but forced into the document. Reconstruction ends quietly, lasts for 12 years. People get tired of things and grasping things long term. Succeeds as a political tool to bring the union together. The states that are left are back in. Rebuilding the union (succeeds) and redefining the slaves (fails). Blacks- Economic issues, lack of education Election of 1876 Rutherford Hayes (rep) fighting reconstruction sort of, wins electoral vote & Samuel Tilden (dem) end reconstructions immediately, wins popular vote. Committee calls for compromise of 1877, solves election by saying Hayes gets electoral votes and becomes president, and in return the federal troops are pulled out of south. The only organization in south to hold rights of citizenship is pulled out. The Republican Party is happy, because the won presidency = political power. They are more concerned with political motivations rather than reconstruction. Leadership of south fails to protect citizens. Riffle clubs- former confederate soldiers get together, “reunion.” Get together in black neighborhoods with weapons and uniforms. People thought that the south had always been segregated. This is really not true. It was invented. The concept of owning slaves means that the culture of the two races was intertwined. People lived together and knew each other. It was invented in 1880s and 1890s. New South Economy was the first thing on everyone’s mind. Defined by one single crop, cotton. Sharecropping – most prevalent affected black and whites. Owner owns land and the workers work the land and receive a share of the crop. Land owners provide everything, and then workers work the land. They sell what they made and a large part of the profit would go to the owner and the rest they would have to live off. They are required to work for nothing and accumulate debt over time. Never see cash....
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History 106 1 - Ch 16-22 14 th Amendment – All citizens...

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