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LW04SamplingandProbability - Lecture Worksheet#4 Name...

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Lecture Worksheet #4 Name________________________________ Section: ______________ Please complete this assignment and hand in during your discussion section. 1. Sample Space: Choose a student at random from a large statistics class. Describe a sample space, S, for each of the following: a.) Ask whether the student did or did not take a math class in each of the 2 previous years. b.) Record the student’s grade at the end of the course. Create a probability distribution for the grades. Define the event A as: Student earns a ‘C’ or higher. What is P(A)? c.) Ask how much time the student spent studying during the past 24 hours.
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2. Car colors: Choose a new car or light truck at random and note its color. Here are the probabilities of the most popular colors for vehicles made in North America in 2001: Color Silver White Black Blue Red Green Probability .210 .156 .112 .112 .099 .076 a.) What is the probability that the vehicle you choose has any color other than the 6 listed?
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LW04SamplingandProbability - Lecture Worksheet#4 Name...

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