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Mythology essay - Morals in Mythology and United States...

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Morals in Mythology and United States Culture Morals are found everywhere. Parents tell stories and read books and the moral of the story is what teaches the lesson. What young children learn affects the way the rest of their life is and how they act. Having morals to be the same or similar throughout all the different countries of the world is common. A children’s book in Fiji can have the same story line and moral as in a children’s book in the United States. Children all over the world, one thousand years ago or today learn many of the same lessons and norms. In a sense, myths are manuals of morality and they provide models for correct conduct with examples in which behaviors are rewarded and how some are punished. Morals are found in all stories and myths. A moral is a lesson or teaching that can be found in a story and it can also be a lesson or teaching found in a real life situation. They try to teach what is right and how to live and act correctly. Morals from mythology have some connections with morals in the US because they are connected to Christian commandments, and that is connected to the US. “Greek mythology begins with Homer, generally believed to be not earlier than a thousand years before Christ. ” (Hamilton 14) The morals that connect from mythology to US culture started in mythology and then made their way to stories in the US because mythology came about earlier than the United States and its culture. Myths all have morals and they show what the Greeks’ morals were by the stories that were listened to and learned from. Myths from Even though Greek and Roman mythology isn’t true it still teaches how the Greeks and Romans saw things. The myths show their answers to the unanswered questions of the world and how humans were created. “Today morals are regarded as a collection of rules of social behavior. ” (Morals 2) Greek and Roman mythology is persuasive in US culture. Many morals in United States culture closely connect to morals found in mythology.
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A connection with morals about love in mythology and in United States culture is present in the many stories of mythology and stories found in the US. An example of this is the virtue found in the United States of trust. One should always trust one’s spouse and if one doesn’t then
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Mythology essay - Morals in Mythology and United States...

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