11A Process Paper-gymnastics

11A Process Paper-gymnastics - The Understanding of Women's...

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The Understanding of Women’s Gymnastics Women’s gymnastics is strength and power mixed with elegance and flexibility. The gymnast performs a routine for a set of judges and the judges evaluate and score the routine. There are four apparatus’ which include the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and the floor exercise. There are many different levels based on the gymnast’s skill level. Levels four through six are compulsories and there are strict routines that the gymnast must perform. Levels seven through ten are optionals and the gymnast can make up a routine revolved around strengths and weaknesses. After level ten is elite. This is the highest level of gymnastics and is seen in the Olympics. Each level has a different set rules which makes the sport difficult to understand. Watching and understanding a gymnastics meet is difficult for the untrained eye. Each level of womens gymnastics has special requirements, which each gymnast must fulfill. The start value of the routine will go down, if these requirements are not included in the routine. Routines do not always start out of a ten. A gymnast may have a difficult routine, yet the form is bad, so the score will be lower than a gymnasts routine with a less difficult routine whose performance level higher. The untrained eye will see a
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11A Process Paper-gymnastics - The Understanding of Women's...

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