Week 6 Webworks & Lab Report

Week 6 Webworks & Lab Report - Physics 3LC Week #6:...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 3LC Week #6: Diffraction Webworks Week 6 1. bright spots due to constructive interference of light waves, and dark spots due to destructive interference of light waves 2. a large number of equally spaced parallel or adjacent slits 3. s/L = /d = sd/L s = distance between spots d = how much the lines of grating are separated by L = how far the screen is away 4. s/L = /d sd = L, but and L stay the same so sd = constant s 1 d 1 = s 2 d 2 d 2 = s 1 d 1 /s 2 5. sin = /d = sin-1 (/d) 2Ltan = width of image 6. s/L = /d d = L/s 7. 5.8 m 8. diameter of the pupil 9. = 1.22(/ diameter of transducer) = angle in radians convert angle in radians to degrees by: (# rad)(360 o )/(2 rad) = in degrees tan = x/(total distance traveled) x = (total distance traveled)(tan) 2x = total beam spread 10. x m = /[2(numerical aperture)] 6.2.2. WAVE LENGTH OF LASER Objective : The goal of this lab is to use the equation: d sin n = n to find ( since 0, s / L = / d ). Description : Make one side (the side with the sample holder) of the optical bench one foot from the wall; Place laser beam facing the wall; Place rectangular sample holder at the end of the bench (opposite side of the laser); Place glass diffraction plate in glass holder mounted to carriage located on the bench; Put big slit on left side; Put plate as far away from paper screen; Measure the distance between the plate and the screen (which should be located on the left of the laser and is represented by L ); Adjust laser so that it passes through the slit (second to the bottom); Describe diffraction pattern (show by drawing spots); Measure the distance between spots (calculate the distance between spots); Calculate the wavelength ( )....
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Week 6 Webworks & Lab Report - Physics 3LC Week #6:...

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