assignment #1 - Carmelina Vilardi Period 3 Kane Local Level...

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Carmelina Vilardi 9/27/06 Period 3 Kane Local Level Officials - Steve Levy and Thomas R. Suozzi Steve Levy is the seventh County Executive of Suffolk County. He was elected on November 4 th , 2003. Steve Levy attended and graduated from Sachem High School, Stony Brook University, and St. John’s University Law School. At the age of 26 in 1985, he was elected to the Suffolk County Legislature and after serving for 15 years, he was elected to the New York State Assembly in 2000 representing the 5 th Assembly District. Also, before 2000, he was Chairman of Ways and Means Committee and Deputy Presiding Officer. Steve Levy’s reasons for running as County Executive was because he believed that Suffolk County was moving in the wrong direction. He wanted to create a more stable environment with less scandal, mismanagement, and inefficiency. He had experience in the Suffolk government already, therefore it only made sense to elect a person for the Executive position that is a leader and has practice in making innovative decisions and solving difficult problems. Steve Levy has helped reform and better Suffolk County in many ways. He created a budget reduction plan that saved over $120 million by reducing upper management salaries, and cutting unnecessary travel vouchers. By doing this, Steve Levy cut general fund property taxes by 2%. I believe lowering the taxes makes it easier for
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citizens living in Suffolk County to pay the property taxes and find a reasonably priced home to live in. Steve Levy is making the county more affordable and an improved place to live. Through his Workforce Commission, he has increased the stock of housing, which is making numerous areas in Suffolk suitable for affordable housing. This, along with cutting general fund property taxes, shows that Suffolk County is a great region to live in. Additionally, Steve Levy is implementing reforms in the Police Department which is reducing crime in Suffolk County, by adding a new narcotics unit and including schedule changes. He also increased patrols in the 7 th precinct and added extra foot patrols. With these reforms, crime has reduced more than 9% in 2004, which ranks Suffolk County as the safest suburban region in the nation. This is also an important factor to look into if someone is debating on living in the Suffolk County region. It is essential to feel safe and secure, and Steve Levy has done just that. Financial contributors and endorsements are a key part in winning an election. In
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assignment #1 - Carmelina Vilardi Period 3 Kane Local Level...

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