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assignment #3 - Carmelina Vilardi Period 3 Kane National...

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Carmelina Vilardi 11/10/06 Period 3 Kane National Level Members - Melissa A. Hart and David Scott Melissa A. Hart is a Republican who represents the 4 th District of Pennsylvania. Hart is one of the first females to represent Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives as a Republican. She has served for the U.S. House of Representatives since January 3, 2001. Hart has been serving for three terms. Unfortunately in this year’s election, Democrat Jason Altmire defeated her for reelection to the 4 th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. Ms. Hart’s term ends in January of 2007. Hart graduated from North Allegheny High School in Pittsburgh. She graduated and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Washington and Jefferson College before attending law school. She also graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, receiving a law degree. After being admitted to the Bar, she joined and law firm company in Pennsylvania. In 2001, Hart was appointed to the 2004 Republican National Convention as co-chair of the Platform Committee. Hart has also been involved in the Pennsylvania State Senate for ten years. In the State Senate, she chaired the finance committee. Melissa Hart’s reasons for candidacy are very similar to those of any Republican Party member. She is a strong believer in the Catholic religion and because of that, opposes abortion. A main reason for candidacy was to prevent women from undergoing abortion and help them to try to find an alternate solution instead. Congresswoman Hart
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also opposes domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual abuse. She is a strong advocate for victims who suffer from these unjust actions and wanted to increase funding to help shelter people and give assistance to those who have been abused. She is also opposed to the use of embryos for stem cell research. Hart’s reasons for candidacy are just and very important to all people, not just members of the Pennsylvania community. Melissa Hart has helped to reform the 4 th District of Pennsylvania in many ways. A major issue she is concerned with is immigration. All immigrants come to the United States looking for a better way of life for themselves and their families. The number of illegal immigrants who have migrated to the United States has increased greatly in the past few years. A concern Ms. Hart has is what if the increasing number of illegals entering the United States causes a threat to our security? To stop this from happening, Ms. Hart believes in strengthening our border security. I think this is a good idea. Yes, the immigrants have helped our society greatly, but changes need to be made in order to prevent any serious problems from occurring. A second issue Congresswoman Hart is involved with is education. Education is a major part in a child’s life and ensuring that children have the necessities needed to learn is vital. Ms. Hart also supports the No Child Left Behind Act. She has supported propositions that allowed flexibility, pushed accountability, and expanded parental options. I agree with Ms. Hart on this issue. Some schools are spending a ton of money
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