Acc. Rhet.-Major Speech 2

Acc. Rhet.-Major Speech 2 - Accelerated Rhetoric Major...

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Accelerated Rhetoric Vita Yegorova Major Speech 2-Outline 11/13/07 Vita –rape victim (for plan b) Liz-plan parenthood (for plan b) Jessica-concerned parent (for plan b) Me-teenage (against plan b) I. Introduction: Welcome class to a heated controversial debate. Today’s topic: emergency contraception: The Plan B Pill. During this discussion you will be introduced to all aspects of the controversy, specifically the issue surrounding the question, should emergency contraception be available over the counter? Here to enlighten us are our guests, Jessica, a pharmacist and a mother of two, Liz, a CEO of plan parenthood, Vita, a rape victim, and myself. Let’s get started…Jessica, what is your specific stance on the issue? (Jessica states stance) (Liz agrees with Jessica, but elaborates) (Vita agrees with availability of the pill, but for different reasons) Just like the two of you, I am here to support the availability of emergency contraception over the counter. It’s hard to talk about what happened to me, but on the bright side, I feel like I am able to help other women who have gone through the same things I have. Rape is not something anyone plans or hopes for. However, neither is a pregnancy from rape. Rape victims need to be informed about Plan B and it needs to be available over the counter. (Jessica asks Jane: Because you stand on the opposing side of the spectrum…What evidence can you
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Acc. Rhet.-Major Speech 2 - Accelerated Rhetoric Major...

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