assignment 4 - What Losing Can Do The New York Yankees...

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What Losing Can Do The New York Yankees started the 2007 season as a majority favorite to win the World Series. The team underachieved for most of the year but did eventually play consistently enough to make the playoffs; however, this Yankee team could not live up to its expectations. Just making the playoffs was not enough because the Yankees are a team that is expected to win the World Series every year,. Elimination was inevitable for this team once they saw themselves down two games to zero in a best of five series. The team lost the series three games to one and caused the owner of the team, George Steinbrenner, to become upset with the lack of performance. When a team of this caliber does not succeed many negative ramifications will come from the failure. First, what was the main cause for this unsuccessful season? The Yankees have always been the highest spending baseball team. According to, the Yankees payroll is $195,229,045, over $50 million more than the next highest team. Being the highest spending team causes ridiculous expectations. Players hear these unreachable expectations and sometime try too hard to succeed in reaching the top. By trying too hard players will receive added pressures from their surroundings. Since the players have so much pressure on them at all times, performing up to the fullest of their capabilities can be exceptionally challenging. The 2007 New York Yankees were an ideal example of a team that failed when the pressure arose. Players that had been so vital to success during the regular season had faltered when it mattered most, in the playoffs. Chien-
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assignment 4 - What Losing Can Do The New York Yankees...

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