Haggai - any prosperous future • 2.1-9 The new Temple...

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Haggai The Prophet The Setting Revolt rocked the Persian empire in 522 BCE; Media, Egypt, Armenia, Babylon, and Asia Minor were all in turmoil For 2 years the future of the empire hung in the balance In 520 BCE, Zerubbabel (grandson of Jehoiachin) made governor The Book 1.1-15: Build a temple for YHWH; rebuilding the Temple was prerequisite to
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Unformatted text preview: any prosperous future • 2.1-9: The new Temple would be greater than the former one • 2.10-19: Rebuilding of Temple was to be of first priority • 2.20-23: Zerubbabel was the chosen one to deliver YHWH’s people What to know about Haggai • When did he prophesy? 520 BCE • What is the subject/theme of his prophecy? The rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem...
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