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I and II Chronicles Repetition Approximately 50% of the material in Chronicles is repeated virtually word for word The unique perspectives of the book set it apart from the historical narrative of the Historical Perspective The best of history is highlighted. The good kings of Judah loom large; the good is recounted at length and faults and failures are omitted, thus emphasizing the fruit of their obedience to YHWH Political Perspective Full attention to Judah o Since they returned from captivity they had been entrusted with the spiritual & ethical kingdom of YHWH Northern kingdom considered illegitimate so spends little time on it o Founding of Northern kingdom viewed as rebellion against YHWH; the fact that the northern kingdom had no return after conquest was taken as a sign of permanent judgement o Israel’s kings mentioned only when they cross the paths of Judah’s kings Theological Perspective
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Unformatted text preview: • Emphasis on rites & institutions of the religious life of nation [the temple & its rituals] and those kings who made significant contributions to it • Author discerns in the patterns of the past the importance of keeping the nation’s “heart” sound by ample attention to the consequences of court worship; kings that have a positive effect… Book’s Desired Result • The account is sensitive to how the past illuminates and could affect the present and future • It seeks to learn & to teach the weighty lessons of grace & judgment in Israel’s past • These lessons were crucial to the stability & survival of the postexilic community as those who had returned from the Babylonian exile sought to re-establish themselves as the people of YHWH General Outline • I Chron. 1-9: Genealogies from Adam to Exiles’ Return • I Chron. 10-29: Reign of David • II Chron. 1-9: Reign of Solomon • II Chron. 10-36: Reign of Kings of Judah to Exile...
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