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Jeremiah Personal Information Son of Hilkiah, a priest A descendant of Abiathar, the priest banished by Solomon to Anathoth Was deprived of marriage & fatherhood, perhaps to spare him the grief of losing his family Prophetic Ministry Prophecy extended from 627 BCE until after the fall of Jerusalem in 587 BCE. Because chapter 52 mentions a third exile in 582 BCE some will extend his ministry to that date. The most significant period of his ministry seems to have been the years 609-587 BCE, the years between Josiah’s death and the fall of Jerusalem when Judah was declining under the leadership of weak and wicked kings. Prophesied in Egypt after fall of Jerusalem Believed he had been chosen before he was born What to know about Jeremiah When did he prophesy? 627-587 BCE
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Unformatted text preview: What was he forbidden to marry? To spare him grief Explain the content and significance of Jeremiahs confessions. They give evidence of his struggle with his prophetic ministry What did the prophet say about the the foe from the north? the foe would be YHWHs agent of judgment against Judah What did the prophet say in his Temple sermon? The temple would be destroyed What was the reaction by the people? They seized Jeremiah to execute him How did he describe the New Covenant in 31:31-34? It would be written on the hearts of the people; all the people would know YHWH; YHWH would forgive his people What does the book recount about the writing of Jeremiahs prophecies? YHWH instructed him to write down...
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