PLS pg. 46-67 - 1 Federalism Three Systems of Government...

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1 Federalism pg.46-67 Three Systems of Government Three models of governmental structure and relations: 1. The unitary system (most popular) 2. The confederal system 3. The federal system A Unitary System -a centralized governmental system in which local or subdivisional governments exercise only those powers given to them by the central govt. Allow ultimate governmental authority to rest in the hands of the national, or central, government. i.e. France- regions, departments, & communes. Under the unitary system the decisions of the lower levels of govt. can be overruled by the national govt. All is handled by the national govt. A Confederal System -a system consisting of a league of independent states, each having essentially sovereign powers. The central govt. created by such a league has only limited powers over the states. A confederation is the opposite of a unitary governing system. It has a league of independent states in which a central govt. or admin. Handles only those matters of common concern expressly delegated to it by the member states. A Federal System Lies between the unitary and confederal forms. Authority is divided by a written constitution between a central govt. and regional or subdivisional govts. Why Federalism? A Practical Solution
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PLS pg. 46-67 - 1 Federalism Three Systems of Government...

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