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Geology Chapter 8

Geology Chapter 8 - 6 Magmatic heat and fluid activity are...

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Chapter 8 1.) The study of metamorphic rocks provides geologists with information about ; Earth’s interior processes, the temp. and pressure conditions under which the metamorphic rocks formed, economically important minerals, the different forms of asbestos. 2.) Which of the following is not an agent of process of metamorphism? Electromagnetism 3.) The nonfoliated metamorphic rock formed from limestone or dolostone is marble. 4.) Pressure resulting from deep burial and applied equally in all directions on a rock is lithostatic. 5.) Metamorphic rocks that result from pure dynamic pressure are mylonites.
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Unformatted text preview: 6.) Magmatic heat and fluid activity are the primary agents involved in what type of metamorphism? Contact 7.) The majority of metamorphic rocks result from which type of metamorphism? Regional 8.) Which is the order of increasingly coarser grain size and perfection of foliation? Slate-> Phyllite-> Schist-> gneiss 9.) Metamorphic zones reflect a metamorphic grade, are characterized by distinctive mineral assemblages, are separated from each other by isograds....
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